Crime rates have dropped throughout the nation because of the pandemic. For weeks, people largely stayed home as much as possible, giving law enforcement somewhat of a break from much of the usual criminal activity. Paradoxically, Utah has seen its crime rates go up in 2020. Some violence occurred in Salt Lake City during protests after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but protests in the St. George area were relatively peaceful. Crime did not stop in the state, though. Anyone who needs legal defense at this time may learn more at

Relevant Statistics

Statistics for criminal activity in Utah during normal times seem somewhat contradictory. The violent crime rate in the state is about 1.5 percent lower than the national average, but it increased in 2020. In contrast, the property crime rate here is typically about 1.5 percent higher than the national average.

The independent review site SafeWise looked at 38 Utah cities with at least 19,000 residents, ranking them in order of safety. St. George ranked 28th, which is a troubling number to area residents. Most of the criminal activity here involves theft of one form or another. People who have been charged with offenses like burglary, shoplifting or car theft may need a skilled attorney for their legal defense.

Larceny and Felony Charges

As is true throughout the country, larceny is the most common property crime in Utah. Larceny is a broad term encompassing incidents in which one person deprives an individual, group or business of property. The legal terms grand larceny and grand theft refer to the stealing of property valued at a certain amount or higher. In Utah, being arrested for stealing property valued at $5,000 or higher usually leads to a charge of second-degree felony theft. Grand theft is usually charged as a third-degree felony at amounts higher than $1,500 but lower than $5,000.

Felony charges are serious and can lead to prison sentences if a judge believes this is an appropriate punishment. Conviction of a third-degree felony can be punished with a sentence of up to five years. A man or woman charged with felony theft may contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation.