People decide to move from a city to rural property for a variety of reasons. Some have always wanted to live in the country on several acres of land. Others are becoming frustrated with increasing crime rates in their particular urban area. There are men and women who predict the collapse of society is imminent, and they want to have their own homestead. Pole Buildings on these properties provide affordable, sturdy solutions for a broad range of uses. These structures are also known as post-frame buildings.

Pole Building Uses

It’s possible to have a pole building constructed that is large enough to live in while the individual, couple or family works on building a house. Depending on its size, that post-frame structure later can be used for a purpose such as a storage shed, a garden shed, a barn or a garage. In addition, some individuals like the post-frame style for a residence so much that they make this their permanent home.

Escaping the City

The idea of homesteading can be especially appealing with the country in turmoil in 2020. The pandemic rages on, with numbers increasing once more over the summer. Protests over police violence and racial issues have turned violent. People long to escape to a more peaceful life in a place that feels safer. They want to be away from crowds and find harmony with nature.

Most people want life to get back to normal, but others are taking action to start a new lifestyle. They can begin with a plot of rural land and a post-frame building for a temporary or permanent home.

Choosing a Product

Choosing a metal-clad structure allows for substantially less maintenance than having wood siding. Although wood is appealing for its rustic and natural appearance in the countryside, it must be cared for routinely to prevent decay. Homesteaders and many other men and women do not want to spend time on this. They have other activities that are more important. Some will commute to the city as long as they must. Others start a home business or continue working from home as they have been doing.